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Census Data at a Glance

# of Small Farms & Ranches in North Idaho

90% of north Idaho's farms and ranches are small with sales of less than $99,999 per year.

Source: 2017 Ag Census

# of New Small Farms & Ranches in North Idaho

Between 2012 and 2017, the number of small farms in Idaho's 10 northern counties increased by 21%.

# of North Idaho Farmer's Markets

Every farmers' market in Idaho reflects the unique character of its vendors and community.  Find photos, profiles and links to north Idaho's farmers' markets on the Taste of Home local food directory and map.

Idaho extension divides the state into four regions, Northern, Central, Southern, and Eastern. Here's a quick glance at how agriculture is impacting our state.


  • North Idaho Farmers 5% 5%
  • Central Idaho Farmers 30% 30%
  • Southern Idaho Farmers 30% 30%
  • Eastern Idaho Farmers 35% 35%




Acres Farmed

  • North Idaho Acres Farmed 5% 5%
  • Central Idaho Acres Farmed 30% 30%
  • Southern Idaho Acres Farmed 30% 30%
  • Eastern Idaho Acres Farmed 35% 35%