Our Guests

Learn more abut each of our wonderful guests on the Inland Northwest Artisan Grain podcast series episodes.  This list begins with The Grain Shed’s four co-founders, followed by episode guests in chronological order.

Don Scheuerman

Co-Founder of The Grain Shed-           Spokane, WA

Co-Owner of Palouse Heritage- Endicott, WA

Don Scheuerman is one of the four co-founders of The Grain Shed in Spokane, Washington.  Don is responsible for delegating the growth of all the landrace grains that The Grain Shed uses through his farm, Palouse Heritage, out of Endicott, Washington.  By contracting out with local farmers, Don is able to convert some of the beautiful Palouse land to more sustainable practices, preserving soil health for future generations.

You can learn more about Don’s journey toward landraces, his cultivation practices, and the structure of Palouse Heritage in Episodes 1, 2, 3, and 4.


Joel Williamson

Co-Founder and Master Maltster of The Grain Shed-  Spokane, WA

LINC Foods, Maltster- Spokane, WA

Joel Williamson is another one of the four co-founders of The Grain Shed in Spokane, WA.  Joel is passionate about supporting regional small farmers, creating LINC Foods, and later LINC Malt, to facilitate the collaboration of small farmers.  Spurred by a love for home-brewing and a frustration over the lack of transparency among large malting and brewing companies, Joel began LINC Malt.

You can hear more about Joel’s views on the cooperative structure and transparent grain sourcing in Episodes 1 and 5.


Shaun Duffy

Co-Founder and Baker at The Grain Shed- Spokane, WA

Shaun Duffy is one of the four co-founders at the Grain Shed.  There, he is the master baker, who specializes in all things bread and pastry related.  Shaun came from the culinary world, and once opened a restaurant in Portland, OR.  After discovering the challenge and complexity that is good bread, Shaun decided to move to Spokane and begin his own bread subscription service.   At The Grain Shed, Shaun mills his own flour and bakes everything in a wood fire oven.

You can hear more about Shaun’s culinary background and the logistics of baking with landraces in Episodes 1 and 5.


Ted Benson

Co-Founder and Master Brewer at The Grain Shed- Spokane, WA

Teddy Benson is one of the four co-founders at the Grain Shed.  There, he also works at the Master Brewer of Palouse Pints, the in-house brewery.  Teddy love for brewing began with home brewing with brother-in-law Joel Williamson as they learned the importance of simple, good grain in the beer’s flavor profile.  Teddy enjoys the challenge and reward that comes with brewing with landraces.

You can hear more about Teddy’s brewing background and love for landraces in Episodes 1 and 6.


Glenn Roberts

Founder of Anson Mills- Columbia, SC

Glenn Roberts is the founder of Anson Mills in Columbia, SC.  Anson Mills is responsible for reintroducing heirloom and landrace grains into the culinary world, paricularly within the region.  For Glenn, it all started with Carolina Gold Rice and his operation has grown quickly from there.  Glenn works closely with some of the most distinguished chefs and bakers in the world and works hard to produce flours and grains with great flavor for them.

You can learn more about Glenn’s work with Anson Mills and the importance of landraces in Episode 2.


Richard Scheuerman

Co-Founder of Palouse Heritage-       Endicott, WA

Richard Scheuerman is a passionate historian and educator who has literally wrote the book on the beginning of wheat production in the Palouse region.  Through his studies of the cultivation practices of Indigenous Palouse people, Richard became interested in the potential for landraces to get back to our grain roots.

You can hear more about Richard’s views on the historical context of landrace grains in Episode 2.


Neil Appel

Founder of Appel Prairie Farm, Inc.- Dusty, WA

Neil Appel is a third generation farmer out of Lacrosse, WA.  Currently farming his father’s land, Neil is passionate about building soil health through regenerative farming practices.  After no-til farming for almost two decades, Neil wanted to do more to build the organic matter in the soil, so he turned to organically cultivated landraces on a small scale.  Neil is currently experimenting with a variety of landraces grown with and grazed by his livestock. 

You can hear more about Neil’s decision to switch to growing landraces on a small scale and his rediscovery of integrated agriculture in Episode 3


Joe Delong

Founder of Delong Farms- St. John, WA

Joe Delong is a certified organic farmer from St. John, WA.  Joe was organic farmer #12 in the state of Washington, so he has been in the business of organic meats and grains for several decades.  His organic meat venture began with Sara Joe Organics, where him and his wife raised and harvested around 450 pigs on organic barley, corn, and wheat.  They then marketed their organic pork to restaurants and grocery stores on the west side of the state.  Joe is now focusing on raising various livestock and grains organically with Palouse  Heritage.

You can hear more about Joe’s operation in Episode 3.



Jon Heglar

Farmer at Heritage Farms-  San Juan Island, WA

Jon Heglar is a farmer originally from St. John, WA.  Jon’s background is in conventional wheat production, and spent many years in the fertilizer business in St. John.  Finding this unfulfilling, Jon moved to San Juan Island to begin farming heritage grains with Harvest Heritage farm owner, Brian.  Jon and Brian are currently growing Harvest Heritage’s operation and integrating landraces, such as Scot’s Bere and Purple Egyptian Barley, into the San Juan Island environment.

You can hear more about Jon’s motivation to grow landraces and their current operation in Episode 3.


Luke Black

Lone Mountain Farms & Brewery- Athol, ID

Luke Black is an owner/operator, grain farmer and farm-craft beer manager at Lone Mountain Farms.  Luke’s calling is in the grain fields.  But when he’s not tending the fields, he’s setting up automation systems to minimize busy work and developing delicious beer. 

You can hear more about Luke, Lone Mountain Farms and their unique farm crafted beer on Episode 4.


Bram Yoffie

Farmer and Baker out of Portland and Amity, OR.  

Bram Yoffie is a farmer and baker out of Portland, OR.  After discovering his love for baking good bread in France, Bram moved to the Willamette Valley to grow and mill the grains he would need.  He is currently working on opening a vertically integrated farm, mill, and bakery in Amity, OR. 

You can hear more about Bram’s love for good bread and his philosophy behind baking in Episode 5.  

Thomas Croskrey

Founder of Emrys Fermentation-            Liberty Lake, WA

Thomas Croskey is a brewer out of Liberty Lake, WA who specializes in unique and historic beverages using ancient grains.  Thomas co-founded Bellwether Brewing and is in the process of opening a brewery and meadery called Emrys Fermentation in Liberty Lake, WA.

You can hear more about Thomas’ brewing philosophy and the future of Emrys Fermentation in Episode 6.


Ame Evey

Food Scientist and Back of House Staff at The Grain Shed- Spokane, WA. 

Ame Evey is currently a back of house employee at The Grain Shed.  After working with Shaun for several years, she decided to pursue her master’s degree in Food Science from Washington State University so she could learn more about the function of grains in baking and the different way they can be processed and fermented to create the best flavor.

You can hear more about Ame’s story toward baking and her thoughts on the local food movement in Episode 7.  


Toby Carroll

Chef at The Grain Shed-        Spokane, WA

Toby Carroll is one of the two chefs at The Grain Shed.  He enjoys creating dishes that highlight the unique grains enjoyed by Grain Shed customers by making homemade pasta and tortillas.  Toby utilizes his homemade pasta in the COVID-friendly takeout meals that The Grain Shed has been offering throughout the pandemic, such as in his popular lasagna. 

You can hear more about Toby’s philosophy toward cooking with landrace grains in Episode 7.


Beth Robinette

Co-founder of LINC Produce- Spokane, WA

Beth Robinette founded LINC Produce with Grain Shed co-founder, Joel Williamson, in the hopes of creating a more sustainable local food movement for small farmers in the greater Spokane region.  Beth is also a fourth generation rancher and owner of Lazy R Ranch in Cheney, WA.

You can hear more about Beth’s passion to create a more equitable food movement in Spokane in Episode 7.  



Andrew Luzmore

Market Forager at Blue Hill at Stone Barns-        Pocantico Hill, NY

Andrew Luzmore has the unique title of “Market Forager” at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, NY.   Andrew had the opportunity to travel to the Palouse region and learn about the origins of landrace and artisan grains with Don Scheuerman and others through the James Beard Foundation.  

You can hear more about Andrew’s experience in the Palouse and his key takeaways in Episode 7.

Dan Barber

Author and Chef at Blue Hill at Stone Barns- Pocantico Hills, NY

Dan Barber is an accomplished chef at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, NY.  He has received accommodations from the James Beard Foundation as well as TIME Magazine throughout his career.  Dan is also the author of The Third Plate which focuses on cuisine rooted in seasonal productivity, natural livestock rhythms, whole-grains, and small portions of free-range meat.

You can hear more about Beth’s passion to create a more equitable food movement in Spokane in Episode 8.  



Kevin Murphy

Associate Professor of International Seed and Cropping Systems at Washington State University- Pullman, WA

Kevin Murphy is an associate professor at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington.  Kevin focuses on increasing the genetic- and bio-diversity of cropping systems across Washington State through the development of new cultivars and implementation of ecologically-rooted production practices.

You can hear more about Kevin’s current breeding projects and their affect on the artisan grain movement in Episode 8.


Amy Halloran

Writer, Teacher, and Cook- Troy, NY

Amy Halloran began her career in the local food movement as a farmers market organizer in Troy, NY.  She is passionate about specialty and artisan grains and their inclusion in emergency feeding systems.  She is an avid pancake lover and aims to make the most delicious pancakes possible with the best flour.  Amy discusses these topics and more in her book The New Bread Basket.

You can hear more about Amy’s views on the future of the artisan grain movement in Episode 8.